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Olivia was born on May 1, 1979 at Bramalea Hospital near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In the summer of 1980, Olivia moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was always active and put 110% into everything she decided to do.

At the age of eight, Olivia played on the Kildonan Community Soccer Team. She was the top goal scorer and helped lead the team to the first ever girl's championship. Her soccer career ended with the provincial championship in Toronto with the Kilcona Select Team. Olivia based her decision on a growing interest in Kickboxing.

Olivia also enjoyed three years of gymnastics competing at a high level. She excelled at gymnastics but had to give it up after surgery on her wrist.

Growing up with two older brothers gave her a competitive edge when it came to determination and "moxie". Olivia was always interested in traditional male sports and this weighed heavily in her decision to get into Kickboxing. She pushed this practice with kickboxing as there were no females at the club at this time. A compromise of starting in Martial Arts was reached and she never looked back.

Martial arts was a jumpoff for Olivia's entrance into kickboxing and eventually to boxing. She competed in martial arts and found it didn't challenge her abilities enough.

flexibility & determination
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Because of her past level of achievements in previous sports, Olivia developed very strong leg muscles and also a high degree of flexibility from her gymnastics. Both of these qualities made her the ideal kickboxing candidate.

Boxing followed kickboxing as it was the only direction left open for Olivia to pursue at this stage in her athletic development. Boxing has offered her continued growth and challenges that she is only too ready to answer.

Olivia married Adriano Pereira 0n June 10, 2000. They welcomed the arrival their little girl, Sydney, on September 4th. Their son, Cedric, is now 4 years old. She continues to balance her full-time mother hood and her dedication to boxing.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Olivia teaches co-ed kickboxing classes from 5pm-6pm. Her classes are designed for all levels of fitness. If your looking for a really good workout - come on down! Join her at Chief Peguis Recreation Centre or at The Asper Campus. Stats for both her kickboxing and boxing can be viewed by following the links.



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