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Professional Boxing 1997 - present
Olivia "THE PREDATOR" Pereira
Record17 (3 KO) - 15 - 2
D.O.B.May 1, 1979
BirthplaceBrampton, Ontario, Canada
Height5' 3"
Weight126 - 129 lbs.
Reach60 inches
    power puncher

    solid chin

    great conditioning

    unorthodox style

Great Conditioning
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Olivia's boxing record may not be as impressive as her kickboxing record at first sight, the road to it is....

Encounters with top competitors like:
    Kathy Collins 3 time champion (12-1-3)
    Melissa Salamone (18-0)
    Fredia Gibbs (6-1)

With no amateur boxing experience Olivia continually surprised the crowds with her showing in each match and gained the support of the spectators. Olivia views each fight as a test to learn and increase her skills as a boxer.

Promoters and Matchmakers acknowledge Olivia as an aggressive, exciting fighter with good stamina. They also recognize her as a fighter who accepts challenges that many other, more experienced fighters turn down. Some may question this path, but Olivia knows that she can not develop into a top fighter by competing with lesser skilled boxers. In order to leave her mark in the world of Women's Boxing - Olivia will continue to accept matches with the best.

Olivia is proud to fight the best of the best. Fans and The Press have noted that on occasion she has been "robbed" of decision wins based on poor judging and home town favorite matches. Olivia believes she will mature into one of the best fighters in the Women's Boxing World. As of right now - being in the top 15, gaining experience and knowledge with every match has her placed right where she needs to be to achieve this goal.

On April 7, 2001, Olivia returned to the ring. She was anxious to prove to herself that she was still in the game. Dakota Stone (5'10", 157lbs.) was her opponent and the fight was an ugly one. Olivia weighed in at a very heavy 160lbs.

Immediately upon her return to Winnipeg, Olivia began to get herself back into her previous prime fighting condition. Right now she is at 148 lbs. and expects to reach her goal of 135-140lbs. by November. She is right on track and is once again looking for a "good fight".

July 2004 - Olivia is in great fighting shape and looking for matches. She weighs in at 135lbs and is ready willing and able to go the distance.

If you are a promoter or a fighter
and need to get in touch with
"Olivia THE PREDATOR Pereira",
you can contact her via email
or fax at 204-989-5667.

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